Wednesday 12 June 2024


Armures du Japon II 100 pièces sélectionnées dans la collection du Musée Stibbert de Florence

Japanese Armour II 100 Pieces selected from the collection of the Stibbert Museum in Florence

Robert Burawoy

Hardcover 144 pp. fully illustrated in color, bibliography, glossary, text in English and French. Dim. 210 x 297mm
Price: 59 €uros.

After the Kôzu Collection, Dr Robert Burawoy presents 100 of the most interesting items in the Stibbert Museum collection, considered one of the most important collections in Europe. A major collection exceptionally rich in spectacular helmets as well as many examples of the main schools (Myôchin, Haruta, Iwai, Saika, Saotome), thus introducing new documentary references.


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